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Presentation in our offices

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LALSAT RECRUITMENT  was opened in Malaysia in 2006 as a sister company to Lalsat Servis in Uzbekistan (which was closed down in 2008). Since that time, several other companies have opened operating under the name Lalsat International. We have no connection to, or affiliation with these companies and we are in no way responsible for their actions or claims. We operate under a clear and strict set of ethical guidelines which we publish on this website.

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Agensi Pekerjaan Lalsat (Lalsat Recruitment) is not one of these internet companies who promise to send your CV to hundreds of employers and end up spreading your personal details all over the country - if not the globe! We don't match you and an employer by a computer search of 'key words', we don't use the 'shotgun' approach. We are a real people company who treat you as a real person. We only let companies who have openings that genuinely fit your profile see your CV, then we introduce you personally to the potential employer for a face-to-face interview. We give grooming and presentation tips and advice on how to respond in the interviews. The time we invest in you, our Candidate, is time well spent because to date we have had over 50% of the people we present offered positions at the first interview!!! We do our very best to ensure that everyone gets what they wanted and wanted what they get.

We do not work with any 3rd parties or sub-agents, no-one anywhere in the world has authority to act as our agent or representative unless they are employed directly by us

And, by the way - there is no registration fee!

Our Outlook
We at Lalsat are very aware of the problems that can arise when people are looking for work abroad. That is why we put your safety, happiness, and future prospects first when you use us to help you find work in the United Arab Emirates.

We operate in such a way that gives you control and confidence over your future, and leaves nothing to chance

Here is how we work
We recruit both males and females for the hospitality industry in Dubai U.A.E and the Middle East.

  • The process starts when we accept you, and make your resume
  • We bring the Employers to Kuala Lumpur, to make a presentation about their company to a group of potential employees, like you.
  • After the presentation, you take a personal interview with the Employer to see if you like them, and if they like you.
  • If they like you, they make you an offer, and you can accept or reject.
  • If you accept, the Employer goes back to their country, they then send us your contract, you can then take it to discuss with your family etc.
  • If you decide to sign, the hiring process begins.
  • Having signed the contract, the next step is to take a pre-employment medical (mandatory for holders of Middle East Employment Passes),
  • We then send it back to the Employer to process your Employment Visa this usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Once the Employment Visa is ready, the Employer sends it to us, and we give it to you.
  • Then usually within a week to ten days of receiving the visa the Employer sends us your ticket, and you are ready to fly

Arrival in your new place of work
When you arrive at your destination International airport, you will be met by the representative of the company, who will take you directly to your accommodation. Once you have put your baggage into the accommodation, they will then take you to the International telephone to call your family and let them know you have arrived safely and all is well.

Remember that the first six months is a probation period, and that you must do your best, and learn as much as possible.
Once you have been working for six months many employers then allow you to do cross training, and choose to train for a wide choice of other positions .
This job can be the first step on the road to a lifelong career in the hospitality industry, if you are the right kind of person the company will give you full support to achieve your maximum potential and ambitions.

Go for it with Lalsat  !


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